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Featured Artist: Garth Glazier

Although the incredible work of illustrator Garth Glazier speaks for itself, there is just so much more to know about this powerhouse of a creative talent.

Never have we witnessed an artist who is so consumed by his art and dedicated to his work. Garth will stay up all night flushing out an idea or perfecting a new style for his personal projects. And usually he has worked the first half of the night on his commissioned projects.

We have associated with dozens of artists through the years and nobody comes close to working as hard and passionately as Garth.

He is a master of so many illustrative styles and techniques, has amazing versatility and is absolutely fearless to take on any kind of project or imitate any kind of style. His exquisite color sense and keen sense of design are integral to his success.

Garth is a smart, fun, curious, and lighthearted guy who also understands the "business of art" and has developed a solid client trust for delivering more than what is expected time after time and on time.

View more work here.

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